The group Cordão de Ouro

The group Cordão de Ouro, one of the largest groups internationally was established in 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil, by Mestre Suassuna and Mestre Brasilia. Its name means ‘belt of gold’ and also ‘neck chain of gold’, and was inspired by the golden neck chain worn by a legendary capoeirista, Besouro Manganga. At that time it was almost impossible to found a capoeira group as capoeira was not well recognized outside the state of Bahia or Rio de Janeiro. However, the group grew quickly with spectacular presentations of Capoeira by Mestre Suassuna and his friend and partner Mestre Brasilia, showing advanced techniques of game and fight.

Since then the group has grown and spread to the rest of the world, while its core is in Brazil. There are now groups established in the USA, Chile, Mexico, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, India, South Africa, Latvia, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia and Cyprus.