So is capoeira a martial art or a dance?

Capoeira is a unique art form that cannot be compared to anything else. It does have many martial arts elements and this is what its creators intended it for. However, because its moves are characterised by fluidity and expression, many describe it as a ‘dance’. To us, capoeira is above all a game where movements are exchanged between the two interacting capoeiristas in a constant flow. There are no point systems and this interaction is based on mutual respect, fun, friendship and strategy but not on competition and aggression.

Can I do capoeira?

Everyone can start with the basics of capoeira, irrespective of age and physique or fitness levels. Capoeira is ideal for kids, men and women. What one would need in order to start capoeira is the will to learn. Although people feel intimidated when the see capoeira shows, they should remember that acrobatics and higher-level moves can be introduced in a game but at the same time they are not necessary to have a game. Everyone has a different style and most importantly, different strenghts, which is where we focus.

When can I come down to a class?

If you haven’t tried capoeira before, we would recommend coming down on either Monday or Wednesday at a beginners’ class (19:30-20:30). Your first trial class in free of charge.

What to I need to wear to class?

Comfortable training clothes are necessary, while you can either train barefoot or wearing soft, light trainers. There are also changing rooms and showers.