Instrutora Grega

Instrutora Grega started training capoeira with Mestre Parente (Cordao de Ouro) in 2003 in Manchester, where she studied Health Science and Molecular Biology. Being based there, she had the chance to travel to many capoeira events, not only within the UK but also in places abroad, such as Austria, Italy, the Basque country, Greece and Brazil.


Knowing that following her doctorate she was moving back to her home town, and wishing to continue training and developing with the same group in her country, Instrutora Grega pursued establishing Cordao de Ouro Crete in 2008.


Admiring Mestre Papa Leguas’ unique style and work, she organised his first seminar in Crete in September 2008. Following that she started teaching capoeira at the newly-found Capoeira Cordao de Ouro in Heraklion, while in December, Mestre moved to Crete. Since then, Instrutora Grega travelled and trained with Mestre Papa Leguas at various events, in Europe and Brazil. In 2009 CDO Crete celebrated its first Batizado of many to follow.


Two years later, in 2010, Mestre Papa Leguas moved back to Norwich before permanently moving to Brazil. Until today, Instrutora Grega has been teaching most of the classes under Mestre’s guidance and continues to organise and host the academy’s batizados, seminars with invited teachers from abroad as well as group performances and open seminars.