Mestre Papa Leguas

The leader of the Crete group is Mestre Papa-Leguas (born Jaime de Oliveira Gontijo in 1981). Originally from Patos de Minas, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, he started practicing capoeira at the age of 14.

Trained as an instructor within Cordao de Ouro, in 2000 he moved to the UK where he started teaching capoeira with the Group Amazonas Capoeira in London. In 2001 he moved to Nottingham where he established the local branch of the Cordao de Ouro academy and in 2004 he opened the first Cordão De Ouro Academy in the UK.

In December 2008 he moved to Crete establishing a new branch of Cordao de Ouro in Heraklion that has raised awareness towards the art of capoeira and brought afro-brazilian influences to the island. In June 2009 CDO Heraklion celebrated its first Batizado (grading event), with visiting masters and teachers from throughout Europe and the UK attending.
In January 2011, Mestre Papa Leguas moved back to the UK to continue his coordination of his UK groups and has now opened a new group in Norwich.

M Papa Leguas is a full time professional Capoeira Teacher, travelling almost every weekend to International events and Capoeira festivals. His style is unique, combining disciplined and highly technical movements, with a relaxed and non-aggressive game-style.

M Papa Leguas currently has eight teachers following his work; Prof. Mascote (CDO Birmingham, UK), Prof. Tatu (CDO Nottingham, UK), Prof. Tatanka (CDO Livorno, Italy) , Prof. Cascao (CDO Norwich, UK ), Prof.Medusa (CDO Scotland), Instrutora Grega (CDO Heraklion, Crete), Inst. Kiri (CDO Nottingham), Inst. Adam (CDO Derby).
M Papa Leguas also has connected groups in Indonesia, Ukraine and Russia.